'you were right' text

I love and adore my ex and I'm pretty sure that I'll never be completely over her.

But, she ended things and I had to keep living my life. After trying and trying I finally just stopped talking to her and cut off communication.

Then, a month later, out of the blue I got a message saying "you were right"

She meant that I was right about how special our relationship is and how hard it will be to find that again with anyone else.

At first I was really careful, but only days later I'm wanting to see her and talk to her and tell her I lover her.

I'm going to mess this up. Should I even try? I feel crazy all over again. She is just everything I want and I can't understand how she could be unsure about us.



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  • hii, there...

    my advice to you is to keep on being "really careful." I know from experience that if you rush a relationship--especially if you rush it the second time around--you're just asking to wind up all the way back at square one.

    i suggest that the two of you take some time to sit down and seriously discuss the situation. you said she ended things. well, WHY did she end things? you said she realized that "you were right." well, WHY did she realize that you were right? you think the next step should be the two of you getting back together...at least, that's what it seems like to me. well, what does SHE think the next step should be?

    i do think you should try to see her and talk to her...but hold off on telling her that you love her. maybe go out for dinner or go riding backroads or go for a walk or something of that sort so that you can just talk about everything and figure out what's up. ")

    good luck, darling!

    God bless,


    • Thank you! That's pretty much what I know that I should do. OBVIOUSLY, getting really excited about things makes no sense.

      We broke up because I moved an hour away and she didn't think that she could handle it. I tried really hard to fix that, spent every hour and every dollar I could making sure that I was as close to her as possible, but I think she was also worried that we were on the path to marriage and she might not be ready for that.

      I don't blame her for her doubts but she does

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  • Don't try yet.. I would not reply at all.