Why am I having a rough time with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together for roughly 2 1/2 years. Lately, he's been stubborn, rude, and doesn't seem to want to be around me. Things were a little strained over the summer, because we don't spend much time out of school together. I thought we were fine once school started up again, but now these things start happening.

For example, I invited him to come pass out candy over our fall break 4 day weekend, because it was trick-or-treat for our town. He responded saying that he would rather spend time with his mother. I realize there's nothing bad about that in particular, but he doesn't necessarily like to spend time with his mom usually, and it was a 4 day weekend. I feel like this was an excuse to not spend time with me. As a side note, I am always the one setting up our dates, because he has never offered to take me on a date ever.

This type of behavior is really weird for him, and I don't know what's going on. He's just been grouchy and rude to me for no apparent reason for the past probably 3 weeks, and he picks fights over meaningless things. We have different views on many things, but we've never had an issue with it before. Now it seems like that's all he can see, like I'm attacking his opinion when I'm really not. I really don't understand this.

If anyone has any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated, I just don't understand what could cause this, or what I should really even do right now. Thanks.


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  • you are both growing up and changing. he is tired of you and soon you will be tired of him. its aight no big deal. you'll find someone better. high school relationships are alsmost always end


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