Are we going to date?

I met this guy in August and it is now October going onto November. He has a house about 3 hours away from where I live but when we met he was living in my city going to school. We hung out as much as we could because we are both in school he would just randomly show up at my house to say hey and stay for hours and wrestle with me and flirt.We also went on two dates... he paid for them and they were about 7-8 hours long..

He finished his course and moved away again to his house three hours away, he said he missed me and he bid on a job so that he could be close to me.

He calls about 3 times a week for over an hour every time and texts first every morning and continues all day long... he tells me about how he compared me to other girls at the bar and girls have been throwing themselves at him but he hasn't done anything with them in fact he's called me right after he leaves them even at 3am haha.

I'm not dumb, I can tell he likes me... what I'm wondering is if we may get into a relationship. We haven't kissed yet and I was frustrated but I recently found out that he had been married and divorced before 26 (no kids) and it was messy. He's had a lot of relationships that were short term since then.

My friends think he's taking it slow and getting to know me. He always says that "I'm one of the good ones" so I guess we'll see what happens.


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  • I think the prospects sound pretty good. From a guy's point of view, calling a girl three times a week and talking for over an hour shows obvious interest. However, one of you needs to make a move the next time you hang out. The flirting and wrestling to me seems like a form of foreplay, or it suggests that both of you would like to make a move but are too shy to do so.

    Regardless, it doesn't look like he just wants to hook up with you. Again, he's spending time getting to know, which is a really good sign.

  • Beware of this guy. He blames everyone but himself for all the failed relationships he has had


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