He hasn't replied to my last text... what to do?

We are both in our mid twenties and went on our first date on the weekend. We had a great time and spent ours talking and he hinted that he was definitely interested in having a second date. He texted me the next day asking how my day was and we talked for a little bit. We didn't text at all yesterday and then today I sent him a photo of me with a beer saying don't you wish you were here and hoping that he was having a good day. He liked a photo I uploaded on Facebook but hasn't replied to my message.



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  • Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    That text I wouldn't have done. How long have you known him? One date? Was that like... your first time meeting him?

    Also, saying "dont you wish you were here" to me comes off as incredibly cocky or arrogant especially since you two have only had one date. Maybe a month or two into a relationship is fine, but... idk. I wouldn't have said that part

    • Arrrghhh now looking back I do realize it was the wrong thing to text. What to do... =(

  • i know the answer,and my ex-gf's taught me that lol..when I used to ignore her ,after a while she would text me like * baby,i'm not well*,*i met with an accident* etc ...that makes a guy rush to you and he will text back...i know its pathetic for girls to do so,but its the only way out to bring him in and ask what's wrong...so go ahead and make it right.

    • So I f***ed up with what I sent him then? He's def a more mature kind of guy. This is so annoying.. I'm annoyed at myself... and I can't say that because I'm not sick or hurt. We got along so well on our date =)

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    • Bad advice. That's a really manipulative move to pull and will havin him runnin far far away. Your girlfriend is lucky you put up w all her sh*t cause most guys would drop her lie a ton of bricks.

    • Don't worry I didn't do that... I'm not going to pretend I'm sick ... I just waited he ended up texting me last night so all good :)

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