Do I call her back or wait an extra day?

I have been talking to this girl on plenty of fish. We talked on the site for a little while, then we exchanged numbers. I told her I would call her in a few days when I'm not busy and then the day before I sent her a funny text message that said ... This is an automated text message your future lover will call you tomorrow.. That's it, nothing else, she responded laughter. I call her the next afternoon, and she said she took a little too long in the shower and that she's meeting a friend and have to go, and if I can call her tomorrow? I said I would and we hung up. Then I thought about it, I should of said something like.. Yeah, if you're lucky.. Since I did not do that, I text her the following... Hot date huh? Maybe you should call me back tomorrow and tell me how it went... She responds I'm going on a date with my girl friend that just had surgery, I'm getting her food and pain medicine. And that was that, what do you guys think?


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  • She's not worth your time. She sounds like she enjoys your attention and nothing more. A lot of guys will tell you that they feel girls make profiles just for the attention. You have high hopes on someone you have not met yet. The medical excuses are also very common on those sites. I've been told similar stuff as well.

    Arranged a meet with one girl - No call no show... texts me later that night as if it was not a problem.

    Arranged a meet with one girl - Her family member ended up with a hospital issue

    Arranged a meet with one girl - she had to go to class...? (15 minutes before we were supposed to meet)

    Girls in online dating can get 20 messages a day sometimes. Two girls I know of outright told me this. You are not the only person she is texting. Girls say guys play games and guys will tell you girls play games too.

    With enough of this nonsense I outright put in my profile that if they cannot meet me in person based on what was written in my profile to please leave me alone. My profile is up but I stopped messaging girls on the site.


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  • People are so complicated on this site.

    You like her, you know she likes you back, you told her you'd call her after she asked you to, so she's waiting for you to call her and you're dying to call her, why would you wait an extra day ?

    By the way, you won't look super cool just because you've made her wait :)

    • You would wait another day not to seem desperate, seeming desperate is A HUGE turn off! There's a lot more to starting a relationship then just liking each other!

    • obv deseperate people aren't attractive ! But here, she asked him to call her, and he told her he'd do it. Being reliable and secure enough to not play hard to get is a turn on.

      I don't think starting a relationship is about little games to look like a grown busy man :)

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  • Strike while the iron is hot, man! The only thing making her wait will do is open up opportunities for other guys to make some moves.

    Call or text, but remember, the ultimate goal is to meet up with her so you guys can have an awesome date and get to know each other more.

    Some quick texting tips that a lot of guys miss:

    *Don't respond or text right away. Take some time to craft a good message. Do not let hours/days go by with out a response

    *Don't text/talk about anything serious via text. Save that for in person

    *Text with the mindset of eventually meeting up with her

  • Send her a text message in the late evening (around a time that's to late for calling) telling her you where to busy to call her and you promise to call her tomorrow.