Did he lose interest or maybe is just busy?

I started hooking up with this guy a few months ago. We live 6 hours away, but when we meet, we have a great time. We used to be in touch almost daily, texting, chatting, sending pics. He mostly initiated the conversations.

Recently I had to go home for 2 weeks because of family reasons. By the time I was leaving he was recovering from being sick.

I have stuff to do with my family, but a lot of time I am bored here and I think of him.

For the last 2 weeks he asked how I was or replied to my message if I asked, but not as often as we used to talk before. The conversations were very short and much less "hot" than before. I see that often, even when he's online he doesn't send a message, probably plays a game or surfs the net.

Does it mean he lost interest in me? Or could it be just the bad weather, being busy or taking a "break"? I'm going back to his town fairly soon. I don't wanna look desperate or clingy... Should I text him more often or wait until he gets in touch with me?


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  • Once your in town a simple surprise text will suffice. If he doesn't respond to that then I do believe he's lost interest and/or found another girl. I could see that being highly possible since you guys do infact live so far. You should try and keep your options open in town, that way if this doesn't work out you'll have backups to chose from. Goodluck!

    • Thanks. I texted him I were coming and he was in fact nicely surprised, because for some reason he was thinking I wasn't coming until next month. He asked if I was busy and said he won't be much busy and will surely find time for me on the weekend. That sounds good, right?

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    • We've been texting back and forth for all day. He said he's coming to see me on Friday right after his gym training. Also said he's bringing some alcohol...that means he stays for the night as he can't drive drunk :) We'll see for Saturday and Sunday, but seriously if he's not gonna show some effort I'm gonna be uspet and let him now. Thanks for your support, I sincerely appreciate it ;)

    • no problem, I'm glad I could help.

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