Should I tell him how I feel about him?

i literally do not know what to do.. there is this one guy . we dated he is like the most good looking guy at my school. so we dated but I didn't know that he wanted to FWB. and once I didn't give him what he wanted he left.. but a year past and he tries to get with me again. of course I fell for him again.but I did do stuff with him more then a little too.. soooo.. I want to tell him how I feel about him ...but I know that he only likes me a friends with benefits type girl..

MY question is should I tell him how I feel about him.?

and just let him kno? or no... I don't knooooo ughhh.


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  • He sounds like a scumbag. He all ready used you, took advantage of your genuine desire for love/companionship just so that he could have a designated booty call. You shouldn't give him the pleasure of pleasuring himself using you as his toy again in my opinion. Then again, sex is fun, and there is such thing as casual sex, and if you're okay with that then go for it but by the sound of it you're not.

    Even if you "let him know", and he decides to go with you, he'll just be conning you I'd bet. Best case scenario - he says "okay lets engage in a serious relationship" (obviously not like that cos' who talks like that in real life right) but he's just lying to you, because to him it's still a FWB relationship and he's probably banging other broads as well as you (which he probably has been doing anyway).

    By the way you have beautiful hair.


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  • You guys are incompatible with each other. He wants what you don't want to give. I am sure there are other good looking guys. Some of them will respect you as a person.

    • hold on what do you mean? in the first line

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    • I don't see him changing his mind, and I guarantee he won't were you ever to put out, so, yes, I would move on completely.

      Not saying he's totally bad, but he should at least been respectful enough to move on when he saw you wanted a relationship.

    • yah I agree

  • Tell him. If he doesn't respect it then you shouldn't respect him.

    Oh and from my experience the whole "friends with benefits" thing never ends well. (AGAIN FROM MY EXPERIENCE) I have however heard otherwise.

    • But yeah like the other guys said he's probably using you for your body and you should move on.

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    • yah he did but I'm paranoid..

    • I'm sorry to hear that... But if it helps it's been proven that condoms are about 85%-90% effective, so chances are your not pregnant. But I can fully understand why you'd be paranoid.

  • You shouldn't even like him in the first place. He's using you.

    • yeah ikno.. but he said eventually tht eventually we can be something more ... HA.

    • LOL players say that to string the poor girl along. Believe actions, not just words.

    • yah yah iknoo right ughh hah thnks!

  • Well, in the scheme of mistakes, you definitely made one. You fell for a guy that only wanted you for your body. Live and learn. You should tell him how you feel to get it out of your system, but I wouldn't recommend having any expectations. I mean, you got with the best looking guy in school and you knew he only wanted the "benefits", so really you set yourself up to get hurt on this one. I don't mean to be blunt or harsh, but really you walked right into it.

    • yah I so agree with you there.. and yes I did make a mistake thankyouu

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    • soo you think I shud tell him.. just so he knows where I stand? and if he doesn'ts respect or take an interest with what I say then deffinatly move on?

    • Only way you don't move on is if he agrees to a comm.itted relationship where you don't see other people

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  • no, you are pretty much at a dead end.

    • ohh so it really won't matter to him?

    • maybe if he has some decency he will feel bad but it won't make him want you if he doesn't