Guy said yes to date, said he'll call, no call?

Hi! I met this cute guy who works at my building and it seems like we have a lot in common from the few times we've talked. I know he's single (I just asked one day) and in the past he even suggested we get together and do an activity that we're both interested in. So after not planning anything specific and just running into each other and making small talk, I decided to bite the bullet and ask him out. He said yes, and when I was about to pick out specifics (date, time, place), he just said he'd give me a call. It's been almost a week and no call yet. I'm pretty surprised since, like I said, he brought up without me prompting it that we should get together, so he seemed interested, and to say yes and not call is just weird. Some of my guy friends suggested I give him some space so I haven't seen him all week (avoided going to his part of the building). What gives? Should I just take it as a sign of no interest? If I do see him again, should I say anything?


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  • Yes, take it as he was not interested, and if you see him, just be polite and say hi, act as if nothing was said about a date until he appraoches you about it, this will show him that you were not that bothered about it and can move on from it, but he will if he is interested have to approach you and ask you out again or ask when he can call, this is where you tell him you were expecting him to arrange something before now and mention that you have another date for this week but next week is clear, this will really get his engine pumping in the risk of losing you to someone else because he couldn't find the balls to call, good luck,x


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  • Doesn't speak well of him. At the least, it shows he has no follow through. Probably no interest in you either.

  • Take it as a sign of no interest.

    A few days is reasonable. A week of no contact is definitely no interest, especially when he said he would call.

    If you see him again, just smile and walk on.


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  • I don't think a girl should ask a guy out. Mainly because it will lead to you asking questions like you are now. By asking a guy out it opens a door for him. He now knows you want him and it allows him to disrespect you. I mean he could go out and talk to other girls because he knows that you want him. I'm sorry but it makes a girl look desperate

    • Sorry, but this is utterly ridiculous. If a guy asks out a girl, then she also knows he likes him and it opens a door for her. She knows he wants him and allows her to disrespect him. She could go out and hook up with other guys, because she know that he wants her.

      Sorry, but does this seem the guy look desperate? Or is the girl self-centered, and a b*tch?

      Please stop preaching girls shouldn't ask out guys! They have the right to do that if they like a guy.

    • Lmao I was merely stating my opinion. You the one with the ridiculous ignorant response. Bitch seriously. That is what you have been reduced to in vocabulary. Go ahead then. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you have to attack me personally. You attack my opinion not me. Grow up please

    • By bitch seriously I was not calling you a bitch. I actually meant to put that in quotes. It seems like vulgar words is what you have come down to. And why are you saying sorry?

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