Has he lost interest?

For some weeks I have been texting and flirting with a co worker, At the beginning he was really sweet and I stayed over at his place a few times but we did not have sex yet. Now the messages became less, while we were sending 100 texts back and forth a day now there are days when I hear nothing of him or just short comments. I do not know what has changed.. also I do not want to turn into his booty call but how do I get him to aks me out on a regular date other than late at night?


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  • there's honestly nothing you can do. this wasn't your fault you didn't do anything. heist lost interest. sorry to say. or maybe he's busy with work? but what I think you should do is try to forget about him. it'll be better if you do it now and stop worrying about it. try not replying to him, when he texts you. (: