Confused and fed up.

First of all I wasn't sure what category to put this in. If it's in the wrong place sorry.

Well to I'll start from the beginning. I met this girl online in August last year. We spoke all day everyday. We sat on Skype at night and I really was starting to care about her. She lives about 2-3 hours away so I though yeah I'll go see her. We went to the cinema twice that day, good dinner and went a walk to the beach. She is really shy so didn't really say a lot but we still talked and got along. We decided we would go out. Everything was good for the next month. I was planning on going up to see her again as she was going away the week after. So I was planning it all then all of a sudden she said oh that day isn't good for me. I kept my cool and said okay I guess I'll see you when you get back. That day came and she didn't text me or reply to my text. I knew something was up. That night she text me saying she was in town with family. I knew that was lies because she always texts when she's with family as she gets bored. Then she goes on to say we can't be together and how she isn't ready for a relationship. Only to find about an hour later, Her and three of her friends added this boy on Facebook and were talking to him about town earlier in the day. So I knew she saw him. A few days later their relationship status changed. Really upset and p*ssed me off. She could have told me before that she didn't want to be with me or something instead of going into town with this guy then dumping me for him.

So we didn't talk for a good 2 months. But almost everyday I would think about her. I hated her for what she done but I still cared about her. Honestly she was the most beautiful and amazing girl I've ever met. Anyway. One day I think stuff it. I'll text her. So I text her and we start talking again, within a few minutes we're talking about how we missed each other. Then she goes on to talk about how she hasn't spoke to her boyfriend in 4 days. Apparently he keeps ignoring her, talking to other girls, flirting. And when they are together he deletes all his texts when she gets his phone. So he was a complete *sshole. But we keep talking, we get closer and closer. Started talking the way we used to... We got really close. Then she dumped her boyfriend because of the way he was. Which ment we started talking about seeing each other again. Everything was good again, I was happy. I really do think I love this girl. I would do anything for her. And I can't describe the way she makes me feel.

So two weeks ago I wake up to a text from her. A really long one. Telling me we need to calm down because it feels like were in a relationship when we aren't. And that she doesn't know how she feels (although before this text she was telling me she loved me) and that she doesn't want a boyfriend atm. So that got me upset and angry. I contemplated stopping talking to her. But I decided not to. So we still talk and are pretty close but not like we used to be...

CONTINUED: So tonight she told me she needed to ask me something and went on to say she liked someone but wanted to know if it was bad if I boy deleted his texts when she got his phone. I then found out her ex started texting her saying he's changed and he didn't know he loved her until they broke up. And she's thinking about getting back with him. But she doesn't know if she likes him or not. I Don't know what to do anymore because I can't keep feeling like this and not get anything in return
CONTINUED AGAIN: I really do love this girl. But I can't let go. I tried and I still thought about her everyday. I just don't know what to do.

Sorry about how long this is :/


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  • Sweety this girl is playing you and is playing you for a fool. She is very immature and I guess for a teenager, they do not know what they are doing. I reckon you need to perhaps wait and contemplate and be rational on what you really want. I reckon you need to start looking somewhere else because I used to be like you. When I read your story, I swear it was me that wrote this.

    You know how I got over it? And mind you, I liked this guy for 5 years! I am not saying that it will be easy quickly, it won't. But I assure you that if you keep yourself busy and see other people, you will meet someone much better than her.

    • Thanks for the reply, sorry to hear that you've had the same experience. I'll try keep busy. At least I will be able to get away from it next year as I'm going abroad. I guess I just need to let her go :/


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    • Yeah when you think that this person is the be all and end all, you will be surprised by how many others are better when you open your eyes. I mean liking someone for five years and fantasising about them adn thinking about them every day is not easy. But now on this day, I am thinking "Luke who?"

    • Thank you both. I'm sure once I open my eyes I'll realize what an idiot I was aha

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  • not a clue.

  • not a clue


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