Should I try dating again or stay out longer?

I'm an introvert. Everybody characterizes me as being quiet and serious most of the time. I'm not one to show a lot of emotion or engage in small talk. I don't really fit in a particular social group. I don't consider myself an entertaining person but some say they like my dry with and humor. I don't have the greatest sense of confidence in myself or in my appearance when it comes to girls, but I try to carry myself confidently. I'm a strong believer in treating a girl right. Some might even call me a "nice guy".

I haven't had the greatest success with girls I like. I've been friend zoned several times. I believe that sometimes I have been rejected because of my social status or lack thereof and then sometimes I screw it up with my own social anxiety or fear of approaching a girl. I have been cheated on before. My last girlfriend treated me like total crap and the relationship ended in disaster.

Anyway I kind of gave up in a way and I haven't been on any kind of date in almost 2 years. Lately I just feel lonely sometimes which is unusual for me and it feels like I just wish I had a relationship like some of my friends do.

So anyway, I'm kind of torn because I think I would like to try dating again, but I'm not sure if it's worth the risk of rejection or the friend one or the stress and the other negative effects it could bring.

So I need some second opinions. What do you think?


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  • Well I can't talk from experience, but I am just like you. Although I've never dated :( . You just have to face rejection. If it doesn't work out. then hey she just wasn't the right one. Maybe you can look at these videos from a more "professional" guy. Search Jad T Jones on Youtube.


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  • sorry, no idea.

  • sorry, no idea


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