How much contact is normal with phone when not in a relationship?

ok so if a guy and a girl are not in an official relationship but seeing each other how often should they be in contact?

he has his own business and is a very busy guy. we have made plans for months down the line like he promised me at the end of my term he wants to take me to a nice dinner (he offered on his own)

and he talks to me at least every few days. he texted me to see if I am okay in the storm 2 days ago. he texted me today to see what I'm up to this morning.

he warned me he had family stuff later. I texted him a q a few hours ago and he didn't get back to me..but he said he would be busy and he texted me this morning on his own.

so I guess that is fine, right?

if a guy is texting you pretty often like every few days just to see how you are doing and what's up with you, is it safe to say he probably thinks about you a lot?

we saw each other last week and he said he missed me and is glad to be with me again (We had not seen each other in a while)


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  • Yeah I think that's fine to be texting every few days, especially if he is cheaking you are OK. Sounds like he really cares about you. He may be as you say just really busy.

    If he thinks he may want a serious relationship with you he proabably wants to know you won't

    stray when he is busy. So he may be almost testing you in a way.

    But you have to decide if you want a relationship where you don't get to see him much which can be really hard. Hopefully he will have more time to see you soon..

    Maybe not a good idea to let your self fall to deep in love just yet...

    Maybe you could keep your options open jut a little bit.

    But if you really like him its quite probable tha patience will pay off if its meant to be.

    Wish you well :)

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