How can I tell my emotional bond with a guy is too strong?

how emotionally bonded are you supposed to feel with someone?

i like this guy we are talking and seeing each other. he is 12 years older. here is the problem. of course I feel very attracted to him but I also feel this very strong emotional attachment to him. no I have not slept with him just made out, lots of kissing and cuddling.

i never felt such an emotional attachment to someone before. sometimes I just want to be held by him. I don't know why maybe because it is older but he makes me feel so comforted.

i always want to talk to him when something is on my mind because he is mature and seems more understanding. he is good at talking to me about things. I never experienced this with a guy before, this level of emotional connection. it is probably in part because of his age.

i just feel such a strong attachment to him that it scares me. I like him so much and he makes me feel comforted and really knows how to capture my heart.

i just it normal to feel this way about someone? is it unhealthy?


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  • I am in that same situation right now. I swear its just vica versa since I am a male. This is the first post that I think Iam going to have to follow, because I need advice as well.

    Thank you for posting a question for both of us



  • When it can bench 450.


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