What is your favorite date ever?

Describe your favorite date or dates that you ever had.

I want to see if there is a commonality between them. Everyone wants to have the best date, don't they? So why not come up with people's favorites, and see what mattered in making it a best date...


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  • My first serious girlfriend once took me out for my at-the-time upcoming graduation from college. We went to a hibachi restaurant, which was awesome because back then I had never been to one before, so it was a new and exotic experience. Afterwards, we went for a walk by this lake and just talked for a long time - and yeah, there was some making out after that, haha. But I was so charmed at the thought and preparation she put into it, that I couldn't help but be really impressed.


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  • I've not had the perfect date yet but my ideal date would be on holiday somewhere hot, going for a meal then a walk along the beach to watch the sunset. wow! lol.

  • I like to keep it simple. We go to a movie and then we eat (preferably at a restaurant where they serve real food; none of that gourmet, small portioned crap); afterwards, we can go for a walk in the city streets and talk forever until the sun comes up. Some touching and fondling in between these activities would be nice too :)

    Or, we can just stay in bed all day and night. That works too! As long as there is good food and good conversation, I'm not picky.

    • You are so right, my favorite date would be something simple. I like the walking through the city idea.