Is this a date or we going as friends?

I was talking to my friend and I said I needed a date to this dance. He said he would go if I get him a ticket. I said okay but I still need a date, because he has a girlfriend. Well he said he could be my date and I asked are you sure and he said yea he will, he'll just tell his girlfriend he is busy that day. I was like uh okay. he later told me oh since it's a date do I get a kiss and stuff at end. I was confused. he kept flirting with me though asking what I would do if he was single and he told me what he would do if he was single. what is happening?

he just said he would flirt with me to flirt? so he is just playing with me then?


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  • He's seeing how far you'll go. Too bad for that girlfriend of his.

    • why would he see how far I'll go? he has a girlfriend isn't that good enough?

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  • two options;

    1. he's playing

    2. he's checking out the weather

    most probable is option 2.

    why do you think he's your "friend?" do you really think he's your *friend?* can you be so naive?

  • i don't think so

    its a flake


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