Should I still flirt with him after didn't follow through on a date?

Ive written about my situation before, this guy asked me out twice in 3 days but never followed through with the date. We are coworkers. I was afraid he would try and avoid me or things would be awkward because he fell back on the date, but nothing has changed, he talks to me normally and there is no awkwardness at akk, which is great. He still compliments me all the time on what I'm wearing, and always starts convos with me.

My question is, should I try and still flirt with him after he copped out on the date?


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  • No way, it's his loss! Don't let your feelings interfere with self-dignity, he didn't come through and that shows a lot.


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  • I wouldn't. He is brain f***ing you... if you flirt with him after standing you out he will have 0 respect for you. SImply ignore him and flirt with other men. Don't even waste on being rude... just be cordial but cold (non flirty but not resentful) and if he asks you out again... say yes and stand him up.