All About the First Date. Guys vs Girls.

so I'm sure many here have had the experience of a first date, and I'm surprised I haven't found this question, on a site called girls as guys, xD ,

anyways these are the questions :)

1) your ideal first date idea

2) what do you think is the best subjects of discussion for a first date

3)GUYS, what do you think girls want you to do in a first date, how to behave, what to say

3)GIRLS, what do you expect from the guys in a first date

let's see how many winners we got on gag, I'm kinda sick of the down questions, and the passive ones, like should I, did he, she is so confusing


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  • 1. An ideal first date would be something casual and fun. Like lunch and a walk in the park. Or something different and outside the box. I also love stand-up comedy and like guys who have a good sense of humor. Comedy clubs are always fun for me.

    2. I like to hear about the other person's outlook on life. Where he has been, where he is at and where he is planning to go. Usually while discussing these things it is easy to understand his intentions and what he values in life.

    3. I expect a man to show me who he is. He should be relaxed and honest about who he is. I hate dates that feel like a sales presentation. Makes me feel like I'm being swindled into buying some bogusness.


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  • I haven't gone on my first date yet but here are my answers,

    1) going somewhere and having a good time getting to know each other better. Somewhere fun.

    2)best subjects are about each other to get to know each other like asking about the interests of one another

    3)I expect the guy to be a gentleman be very caring, show some interest when I speak, I don't expect him to pay for anything on the first date unless he offers. and I expect him to be able to have fun ha ha I like to joke around a lot


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  • Most people think that a date is about impressing the girl, to prove yourself worthy. If you think that way you are already lost.

    The ideal date is when you feel that you need no external validation, you don't need to talk about your fancy car or your education or career or anything besides what is YOU.

    It's very very veeeeery rare that two persons connect on a deeper lever. It's often about their accomplishments.

    Date this and date that. Understand yourself. Just and advice.

    • not looking for advice bro, I'm trying to see how girls vs guys think , if I were looking for advice, I'd say so xD , or ask anonymously xD

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    • I feel you bro, and what you said , makes sense, I do think that the pre-date relationship or approach does matter in dictating the date, I asked the question to compare what guys think vs what girls think xD felt cool at the time xD

    • I tend to speak when I shouldn't. I hope you find the answers you seek : )