This guy I have been dating left an accidental voice mail on my phone.

So this guy I have been seeing for a few weeks knows I cut myself because he saw my scars and what not. Anyways I got a voice mail from him and it said how I cut myself and another guy said why does she want to kill herself? And they were saying it in a laughing voice. And the guy I am dating said oh she just cuts herself. He was very apologetic, he was very sorry that he left that, and stated how terrible he felt. What should I do?


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  • I'd leave this guy behind. What you told him I's a personal matter that has nothing to do with his friends. Him saying stuff like that to someone else means he's breaking the trust. You obviously shared your story with him and I can imagine it's something personal to you. Why he would discuss it with someone else is mind blowing and shows a lack of respect. Of course he would say he's sorry and that he feels terrible... it's what most of us do when we know we did something bad but that doesn't excuse the fact that he shared something private. If he's sharing stuff like this then I would never be able to trust him again with anything else. Sometimes accidents like these are blessings in disguise so you should be thankful that you know how he is for real... might give you some perspective.

    • Wow thank you. It was his brother on the voice mail too, not his friend. He said he had been drinking. Maybe I should give it space?

    • I'd say give it space. It still seems like a bad move, despite the fact that it's his brother and a guy that drinks and then does reckless stuff like that afterwards? Waste.. of.. time.. who knows what else he is capable of revealing then next time when he's had a drink.

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  • 1. Almost anyone who gets caught in such situation, apologizes - generally

    2. You realized this cause it was accidental else you'd never have known. What are the chances of you knowing anything happening behind your back.

    3. Was he laughing (in the voice mail) when he mentioned you cutting yourself or was it his friend?

    4. If yes to 3 then dump him :-D

    5. His that particular friend whichever way is a 'no no'

    6. Self cutting is a disroder (generally) but if I know someone who does that and I'm dating her I'd get her treated and comfort her rather than laugh at her. If the cutting habit bothers me then I'd go separate ways amicably.

  • Leave such guys who make fun of you...if your boyfriend is nic stay with him but avoid his pathetic friends...


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