Does anyone have any fun and exciting dating tips on how to meet a new man in the dating world?

I'm dating again. I need a few ideas on how to get back into the dating world again.


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  • Country Club - make friends with the women first to demonstrate you are not a threat

    Less female competition on the golf course, racquetball, etc.

    Gun clubs are more woman friendly now

    Think: where do men go to bond regularly and how can I be available to join such a group?

    Dating then just comes along naturally

    • Excellent advice about going to places where men spend a great deal of time. This would definitely make meeting men a lot easier and within their own environment. Thank you again!

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  • Volunteer.., evening courses, be approachable '' but not too much '' , join a group sport that you like.

    • I do like the idea of volunteering. I just might try this idea out in the near future. Thank you!

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  • I can tell you to avoid PO and OkCupid. Match is not a great site either, but some people like it -- mostly players.

    Honestly, just start going out. Don't be afraid to smile and say hi or ask a basic question. The right guy will turn up when you least expect it. Keep your eyes peeled and your smile dazzling.

    As an old (1938) song goes, "be optimistic and smile!"

    Also, know how to flirt like a pro -- practice on the bartender and when you're feeling brave enough, turn to face the restaurant. Smile, flip your hair like a Kardashian and scan the room. If a guy catches your eye, look down and back up at him in a couple of seconds. Smile and see if he comes over. If a guy is relatively clise, just ask a basic question -- "Excuse me" (touch shoulder) " What time is it? My watch stopped (or phone died)." (Puppy dog eyes.) Thank him and smile... See how he responds. If noncommittal, move on. You'll be a flirtatious sensation in no time.

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