Military men are obsessed with smells?

I live in a huge military town so dating and being friends with people in the military is super common, I've dated guys in every branch, some seriously, some not. But all them are obsessed with smells. More so and more open about it than civilian men. I've dated a few who asked me for dirty shirts of pants and some that just sit there and will sniff me. The guy I've just started seeing isn't recently back from deployment and he's not at an all male command, so he lives around and works with women but we were laying in bed and he cuddling and just sniffing my shoulder.

So for any military men, why so obsessed with smells?


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  • This may just be cooincidental that you have come across military men who are obsessed with smells OR there could be reasons like (these are my ideas and maybe connecting my experiences - nothing formal)

    1. There are people who love smelling those who they love (I'm one of those - I just love my daughters and woman's smell in every part of her body) which I assume is to know them in everyway

    2. Army and armed forced guys don't get to meet or see the opposite gender or don't even at times get to have sex or be intimate while on duty which may be a reason why they like smelling the person they love or are in a relationship with. Smell reminds them of the intimacy with that person even if they are not with them at that point of time. Smell remains as a memory even without any object related to it close to them (I'm separated from my wife and I don't get to see my daughter for months but I remember the smell of her hair, breath, skin etc and likewise about the one woman I've ever loved)

    3. For some such habits may just become a fetish and they don't even realize it

    4. You smell really REALLY good :)


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  • Absence from potential sexual women hightens the senses.

    You noticed smells

    A man removed from lust may find a keener awareness for all things female,

    vision of her shoes, lipstick, powder case

    sent of her sprays, soap, clothes

    touch of her softness, hair

    taste of her lips, neck

    sound of her voice, laugh

  • They say it's your nose that makes you fall in love. When you're in love with someone they will have this really nice smell around them.

    But that thing about guys from the military liking smells isn't quite true. I'm in the military atm and I can't say I've been obsessed with smells at all, neither from my girlfriend or any other things.

    Guess it's just the people you date that's got that obsession :3

    • Haha I don't know! I've always been complimented about my smell, but really getting sniffed is pretty far out to me I think :P

    • When ever I'm the bigspoon with my girlfriend, I sniff her. She smells so good! specially around the shoulder/ neck area.

      But that's always like that, not just after I got into the army. The smell of her is just lovely.

      I think it's quite normal among guys to like the smell of their woman C:

  • Military men and dating them have become cliche and overrated. You need to move on since obviously none of them have worked out

    Also, it's not just military men who love how a woman smells and her clothes's all men. Women do the same with men, so it goes both ways

    • I never said I date them solely, I just said I live in a bug military town so unless you purposefully go out of your way to not date them then it just happens.

      The one I'm in is working, but I just started to notice even my guy friends sniffing around me then complimenting me

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    • So you just happened to say yes to this guy, he happened to be a military guy...all I'm saying is, it's getting old. You know what else is getting old?

    • you hating on military guys?

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