What is he doing or going through his mind?

This guy been after me for a little bit. I been dragging my feet about talking to him not because I want too but because I just been busy with my stuff. I finally broke down and texted him yesterday. he is really sweet and kind man. he told me he not talking to anyone and don't want to talk to anyone expect for me.I told him I need to go slow because of my daughter and for myself, don't want to rush into things, We had a great convo yesterday, but out of no where he stopped talking. I texted him back asking if I scared him away joking type of deal he said he just got busy. I said I was sorry and didn't hear anything more from him. I texted him last night told him I was going to a bar w my friends it was around where he lives. he wanted to come and join in but he was going somewhere else. he really wanted to meet me and see me. but it was in a neighboring city so he didn't come, I had no idea where is was at in till I got there. I text him back you know if you wanted to hang out you could just ask. he replied I know. that all we talked for that day. I don't get what is going on? any insight? Do I text him today or do I let him text me? thank you for all your replies.


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  • Same story here,guy only wants to talk via instant messaging,never wants to hangout or talk face to face...so confusing but am jus gona go with the flow and as mean as it may sound,if I meet someone else I'm moving on because seems he is not that interested or is unsure whether he really likes me or not.We don't need that,it's like leading yourself on.Bottom line guys are confusing as much as they claim girls are confusing.

    • lmao that is true. I don't know I think I made it confusing but I know I want to un confuse it but that will make it more confusing so I'm going to let it be for what it is. let him make up his mind. but I'm still confused and what to know type of deal. if it is meant to be it will be.