Do you get angry when you call your girlfriend and she doesn't pick up?

so my boyfriend went crazy the other night cause he could not get me on the phone. normally I am available when he calls but something seem to be wrong with my phone. I am not getting his calls and on his end its ringing so it seem as if I am not answering

he went insane when he could not get through and sent me a text saying where the f*** are u, what are you doing?

i must say though, it may have seem weird due to the fact that I am always early for our Skype date cause is away but I have been late to get home this week cause of road traffic from road works so when I normally get in at7-8, now 9-10 I am on the road stuck .to add to it he can't get through when he calls. I explained everything and after a long interrogation he said OK. last night the same thing happened . I got in very early cause I finished work earlier than usual, I messaged him that I am home and will be on at 9pm cause I am studying, anyway at 8:30 my wireless went down lol so I called and told him. he said he will call me back in 5 mins. when he tried calling his calls could not go through, I was waiting up for his until I fell asleep so when I wake up I saw that he sent me another angry text and asked me to call him back cause something is off. I have been trying to call him since I saw it, but his phone is off.

should I send him this song as an apology link or this one. link
you guys really think so? I am getting the feeling that he may be too possessive I explained that my phone was acting up but he still got mad

we argued relentlessly yetserday cause he said I am lying and started asking trick questions as if he wanted to catch me in a lie. The sad part is that this has never happened before, I was unavailable to be with him for three dates and he turned into a monster. Its like he wants to control me and everything I do


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  • No, I don't get angry, because I'm not a whiny controlling jealous pussbag who needs to know his girlfriends whereabouts 24 hours a day.


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  • It's frustrating sometimes to not be able to get into contact with someone you're interested in, but however if you're not a certain place at a certain time doing a certain something, and that makes him angry, you may want to keep an eye on that. Personal safety and all.

  • well if you have explained what has been going on and its not your fault he has nothing to get angry about


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  • It's one thing to get upset because you're worried about whether or not something bad happened(accident, crazy psycho, etc.). And yes it can be frustrating when you're really looking forward to talking to them, but can't. However, to get this angry, it doesn't seem right. Something's off with him. If he really wants to talk he'll answer, unless it's his attempt at "getting you back". You need to tell him to calm down and not freak out every time you don't answer, especially when there's a logical explanation. Did you text him and let him know your phone was acting up? Because unless his phone died because it wasn't charged and he's somewhere where he can't charge it, I'm sure his phone won't be off for long. Either way though, you might want to keep an open eye over his behavior, this sounds way too controlling.