What should I text her?

Me and this girl became friend toward the end of senior year in high school, and we talked and hung out over a lot the summer. I like her a lot but she already had a boyfriend, and they broke up before she left for college. I texted her everyday the first week she was at college, but we were running out of things to talk about and I didn't want to annoy her so now its been a few months since I last talked to her. last night I decided to text her and we texted for a solid hour before the conversation was getting dry (I really suck at keeping conversations going) and it was 11 so I said I was going to bed and we said goodnight to each other, I went on Facebook later and saw she posted "I'm feeling so much better :)" on her status after we said goodnight. do you think she said this because I texted her? I did give her advice on some stuff..or maybe it was just coincidence? either way she told me to text more but I don't have the much to text about. so what should I text? if she likes me can't she just text me first?(she always had stuff to talk about over the summer and I really didn't mind to just listen) I love talking to her but I just can't think of things to talk about. so feel free to answer any questions please :)


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  • yea you should text her because if she told you to text me more than that means she likes you nd enjoys talking with you, You could ask her how her day went or what she has been up too nd etc. just be yourself


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