Always a bad idea to text an ex you have feelings for still?

Seems to be everyone on this site says to avoid all contact with an ex when you are trying to get over them. Is this always the case, or do you think there are exceptions?

Does staying in contact always make it harder, than not? It's hard enough not being part of their life when you want to be already. Even if they expressed interest to stay in touch, they always respond to texts, tell you that you can call anytime. Is it a bad idea?

How often should you contact an ex you still care about?

  • SOMETIMES: Stay in touch occasionally because you still care about them (even though you're not over them)
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  • NEVER: Delete their number and never text or call them, move on
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  • ALWAYS: Text them and call them until they get annoyed and tell you to leave them alone
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I mean, it's just up to you. I text and call my ex. I miss her, I rely on her from time to time.

    At the same time, sometimes I need to remember that if she wanted to be with me, she would be. You can really hurt yourself if you let your expectations to get too high.

    • Yeah, it's sh*tty because you want to be the one to be there for them. And you wish they were there for you too. But when it ends, I guess that's no longer part of the deal.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Most important for me is that I avoid talking to them when I'm upset because we fall into old habits of spilling out my emotions, and I let them in too much. This makes it extremely hard if not impossible to let go. I find that if I see that they have moved on with their life, even if we still talk on the side it helps me move on. However if you feel that it's pulling on your heart strings, then it's probably best to cool it for a while.

    • I see that she has moved on, but I;m too stubborn to believe that she still doesn't have feelings for me. It is pulling on my heart strings, but so is not talking to her.

      If she really did miss me and wanted to stay in touch like she said, I assume she would text me.

    • I understand not wanting to move on. I've been the victim of this and it hurts. If you love her, then don't give up on her completely, but keep yourself busy until there's an opportunity for change. Don't let it consume you. Hard as it is. Best of luck and happiness.

  • Nothing is set in stone. There are always exceptions. Only you can really know if it's a good idea or not..


What Guys Said 2

  • I miss my ex dearly I'm still in love with her and want her back. I know she still loves me which is the Worst thing. But she had an abortion two weeks ago we had a fight one of many and nasty words were said to each other, she said the words I said hurt her and she could never forgive me. We deleted each others numbers. This was only a week ago I have had no contact with her, my heart aches, she's the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I wake up.i have a constant pain in my chest since no contact it won't go away. It feels like the other half of my heart has been broken and taken away from me. However no contact could be good because hopefully she's feeling the same as me and misses me too. As they say you don't miss someone until there gone. If she misses me and wants me back no contact will call the faith

  • I'm having a problem with texting my ex, when all she wants to be is just friends. I'm only hurting myself. I know its hard and I'm a complete hypocrite for saying this, but its best if you just let it go.