Need help with first date ideas

Anyone got any good first date idea for a date you know nothing about? As in concerts, movies etc is out of the question since the point of this first date is to talk to her and get to know her. All I can think of is dinner, 1-night cooking class, or go-karting :P Any help is appriciated cheers. O yeah and keep in mind that where I live its kinda cold out, so "visiting a vineryard" etc etc... is outta the question.


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  • 1.) Dancing, Dinner

    2.)Amusement park/Fair(you know where there are games/ prizes/ rides)

    3.)Paintball fight, Dinner

    4.)You can go to the City and explore :D( the city is always fun...especially at night)

    5.)You can walk on the beach(I know cold.. but still its romantic &Fun, just wear warm clothing)

    6.)You can do something sporty( you can help her out & stuff)

    7.) Going Rollerskating

    8.) visit pet store( girls love cute animals)

    9.)movie drive out( do they have those anymore?)

    10.)Ice skating,

    11.) watch the sunset

    12.)walk around town enter the cute shops

    13.)Dessert tasting


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  • Comedy clubs are an ideal first date!


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  • Just do coffee and chit-chat. Very simple, lost cost, and leaves plenty of room for talking. Then you two can figure out something if it goes well.

  • coffee, drinks, dance... something social to invite her and friends over for.