If a guy did this, how would you respond?

Ive know this girl for about 2 months now and we talk and text on a daily basis.

If I sent her a text saying:

Hey! I need help. there's this pretty and amazing girl that I really like and want to ask out. How should I do it?

and then, the next day, do that,

how would you respond?

So I did this and all her replies were filled with smileys as she asked me twice who it is and then once to describe the girl. I gave a vague description and after that, she didn't respond
So she told me to send the girl a note.

The next day I showed up with a note asking her out and folding into a rose.

Got rejected...

btw, this was about her too: link


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  • Well that's; cute I think I would think that was cute if I liked someone and he did that. Try it and keep me updated please.

    • aight will do :P

      im just not sure if I'm ready to ask her out yet...

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    • Thanks :)

      but don't call her that.

    • Fine, then. Sorry. She missed out, give her some time to think about it she will come to her senses.

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  • i would think it was sweet.but a direct approach is more effective and nice!

  • It would be cute but you better make sure she's into you because things could get weird if she doesn't

    • and how can I make sure?

  • Lol YAY OK so now her wheels are turning aww, I hope you gave a description similar to her, ... Well don't wait all that to ask her out she, probably sitting with her little heart broken thinking you want someone else... Hurry up and ask her out...omg you should see me smiling from ear to ear omg keep me updated

    • So she replied this morning and told me to send the girl a note. And she said she's willing to be cupid and deliver the note for me.

      So I'm gonna write on the note: didn't know I could fall for cupid (or something like that. suggestions?)

      and tell her she's gonna have to read it to know who to give it to

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