Is there such a thing as to much attention?

Ok so here's the thing, I met a girl online a week or so ago. We've exchanged pics, numbers to, and we both really like each other. Well for the first few days we'd text and text and text all day. Well now, it's just every once in awhile.

I mean it's not like she texts with one word answers, they're sometimes massive txts. They're still flirty and all, but I'm just wondering if I'm txting her TO MUCH. Should I cool it down a bit and only text once in awhile instead of all day or should I just give it a day or to and see what's up?


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  • it sounds like she's into you just don't text her for a day or so and see what happens and do you'es call each other at all ? maybe you should just call her later at night instead of a text

    • we kinda can't call each other... long distance :( she lives across the country.

    • awww :( then just give it a day and see what happens, I really hope it works out

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