Silent treatment or is something wrong?

We got into a little argument yesterday, where I abruptly said I had to go not because I was angry but because I was a little annoyed and I actually had something else to tend to. I texted him later and he never responded and I texted/called him today and he never responded. We use whatsapp so I can check the last time he checked his messages and it was before we last spoke to each other. Usually after an argument, I give him space and we usually are able to resume communication quickly but something seems off about it this time. at least if I saw he was logged onto the messaging service and saw my messages I would feel relieved but I am starting to worry but I don't want to seem obcessive and keep messaging or calling him. Maybe he needs some space? Maybe he is hurt or in the hospital? I am going crazy thinking of the possibilities and to make matters worse we live in different states at the moment.

Should I wait for him to call/text me? What should I do?

Btw the argument we had was about him moving closer and he said that he wants to move to a place 2 hours closer rather than an hour closer "because his friends were in there". and I said "well babe you obviously don't care about me then" and he said "of course I do" and then I was a little ticked off by him saying his friends were there and that's why he wanted to move there so I hung up to go do things I had to do. He usually gets annoyed when I say he doesn't care or that I am not important to him. I don't know if he is annoyed or if he is ignoring me or what! ahh!


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  • First off long distance relationships do this. You end up talking on the phone all the time and not seeing each other. This leads to failure because it is not healthy.

    Next why do you tell him he does not care about you? It comes off as selfish, needy, and insecure. You want him to move and he is willing to move closer to you and yet you still say he does not care.

    You are ruining this btw.

    You also want to keep calling him but try once a day or once every other day and do not leave a message. Do not text, call him...

  • He may be deliberating since this break in communication was brought about by an issue that requires him to define how he feels and why. He could be considering your input about his decision (regarding moving) and trying to decipher how to best deal with all the feelings evolved. Unless it's something else all together, he'll probably contact to you as soon as he configures logic that he feels better suits this circumstance.

    I suggest, give him more time. If he fails to contact you within a reasonable period, try to find out what's going on in his head then.


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