Should I see if he wants to try again?

I was dating a guy for just over 2 months. We were not exclusive. As time went on he stopped texting as much but we still hung out. I snapped a couple times and made accusations based on assumptions. He kept telling me if I thought or felt something to talk to him instead of assuming then snapping on him. When I did that I got a lot of explanations that surprised me. He is a very guarded withdrawn guy... more so than I am used to. I ended things with him because I didn't think I could handle this about him but now I realize that I was just scared because it is different. When I told him I was done I explained why but also called him an a**hole Because he hadn't text me in 2 days which was out of character for him. He had told me he gets more withdrawn when he is stressed and he had some stuff going on with work. What do I do now? I miss him and want to continue dating him.


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  • Reach out to him and tell him the same thing you said in your question. Explain that you haven't dated anyone like him before and you weren't sure how to react, but you miss him and you'd like to try again.

    • I know its been about a year but I just had to say, I tried reaching out to him. He said he appreciated me telling him how I felt but that he couldn't just pretend nothing happened and continue one. Basically we drifted apart. Still sucks when I see him I get butterflies. I have moved on and I'm in a great relationship with an amazing guy. Why does the other guy still give me butterflies. Grrrr!

    • Thanks for the update! I guess I didn't realize I was replying to an old question. But it's great that you gave it a shot, and even though it didn't work out the way you wanted at the time, you both ended up happy even if that means being apart :)

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