How to make a move on this guy in my group?

we're in the same group now for a class project, we're in college. I am so bad with dating. I'm 22 totally inexperienced! not even a kiss. How do I break out of this and try to have confidence to date/possibly indicate to him I like him. How can I "feel him out" to see if he likes me. Things I can do? because I have been rejected in the pass, I tend to act rude by not looking at the guy when I'm talking because I do turn red *face palm* :(

Oh by the way there's another girl in the group who my friend describes as bitch and she appears to look at him and flirt with him in class.


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  • This will take some courage..but when she is flirting with him in class, you have to assume he is not happy about it, or your cause is lost anyway. So go ahead and interrupt her, find whatever pretext to talk to this guy about something while she is doing her act. He will seize on your interruption to get away from her, and he will make conversation with you about whatever you said to him, just to get have a reason to stop talking with her.

    That should get you on the way. Then drop a hint to him about a movie you want to see, some [place you like to eat, some activity you are pretty sure he would like...and if he has ANY real interest in you at all, he will take the hint.

    The worst that can happen is he will keep talking with her, if it turns out he's attracted to her, and you may look rude, but otherwise, you won't be embarrassed. And whydo you care if this girl thinks you are rude? And if he likes this girl, why would you care what he thinks, either?


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  • Ahh I'm almost in the same situation as you! HAHA, but the other girl in the group isn't a bitch, and the other girl doesn't flirt with him thank gosh.

    Just talk to him is my only advice. I've been talking to the guy I like and it seems to be going well, but I'm trying to make it too obvious that I like him because we still have to work on the group project and I don't want it to be awkward if he doesn't feel the same way as I do.


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