What do you think if your ex tries getting you back and then wants no contact?

So my boyfriend broke up with me 3 days ago because of certain differences and he kept wanting to blame me and hold me back from my dreams and lower my standards . He also hates my sister for befriending a guy that I used to see and it was her birthday this weekend and I had to tell him only my family is going to dinner when really my sisters friends that he hates we're coming , he always threatens to leave me if I'm around any of them and thinks my parents aren't normal . Idc if he leaves its just he's got a bad temper and his immaturity leads to him being vengeful . Anyway the day after he broke up and the morning of my sisters birthday he kept trying to get back with me and I said no . He still kept trying but then stopped texting all of a sudden which is unusual for him ( he will constantly call and text). Next morning I texted him to c if he wanted his stuff back he said no and to never text/call again. So I thought OK but then he called my after that to say the same thing . I don't think he knows about my sisters party because if he did he always lashes out without fail. Do you think he's serious or just playing games ? I don't know if he will try contact again what do you think ?


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  • look man at love are most of the time serious and I believe you could give him a second chance and try to make him friends with your sister ;)

    • I have tried to do so. He keeps texting now but always blames me and I told him I want nothing and he keeps trying. He gets angry and disrespects me by doing things I don't like and then says if I go out or c a guy dnt ever come back. He's the one that wants me not the other way around. But then I tell him OK now you can go because I will go out and I will talk to my friends he gets mad vents and still doesn't text. Then goes quiet and tries again and refuses to c he's wrong.will he ever jst stop or grow up?

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