Quick texting question! What should I text her?

So I met this girl last week. I texted her mid-week about finding a time to go out, and she seemed relatively interested in it. But she didn't respond to my last text asking when she'd be free this week. (I think she's a bad texter... but maybe she's not interested). Anyway, what is some text I could send her now to ask if she'd want to go out sometime this week? Considering that she didn't respond to my last one...

I know she's most likely not interested, so I don't want to hear that haha. I just want to send her a text, and if she doesn't respond again, I'll know for sure.


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  • Whoa there tiger. Why would you want to send her a second text asking the same question when she didn't respond to your initial one? Bad idea, my friend.

    • What else should I do?

    • Nothing. Wait for her to reply. Or if you want, wait a couple days and tect her "how's it going?"

    • What if I text her tomorrow asking how her weekend was?

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