Would a guy say he wanted to see me again if he really didn't?

I went on a second date with a guy and thought it went really well. He paid, held open doors, etc. and the conversation was good. Although after the date, I felt an odd vibe from him. I texted him after the date to let him know I had a great time and we should get together this weekend. He said he had a great time too and maybe later in the weekend we could get together. So to re-state the question, would a guy say he would see me again if he really didn't? Or was he just being nice? Consensus from some guy friends of mine have said that maybe he was nervous, but they would make an excuse if they didn't want to see a girl again.


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  • Easy ask him out and be specific date and time. If he says yes than say I got to go back to work I just wanted to make plans with you. Then hang up. If he declines the offer, is late to the date or does not show then you know your answer. If he does show on time then you need to take things one date at a time. He may wait 5-9 days before calling you again but if he is interested he will accept every date you ask him on. He is working challenge in that regard which is an amazing thing.

    • Thank you, that helps a lot! I will definitely try that. The last time I contacted him was Friday.

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  • I'd say follow up in a couple of days.

    In a reverse way, I went out with a guy a couple nights ago and he was the one to text me about what a great time he had with me and that he will see me later. He texted me the next day and I told him about some hangout I wanted to do with him. So you need to put something in a guy's mind so he will think about a good day and time for you guys to do that. Just take the bull by his horns.

    • The first date we went on, I didn't text him after the date and I heard from him the next day saying he had a great time. Since I was unsure on the second date, I initiated it. I don't know if it was my body language on my part, because sometimes I put off that I'm not interested in someone when I really am. I guess we'll see!

    • Hmmm it sounds like you are in the position I am! Went on date, guy texted he had a great time, it should all work out! A 2nd date will be on it's way.

      And don't worry too much about body language. I know for sure I am not good at it and I can come off a bit awkward but I just own my awkwardness haha.

    • I mean *3rd date* Typo!