Interfaith relationships with Jews?


The article above and many like it are very hard to handle.

I look at it progressively as possible with the understanding that extremists exist in all religious circles, but because Jews are often a small minority outside of Israel, it paints a picture that for a non-Jew to date a Jew is destined to end in some heartache.

I ask because I recently met and have gone on a few dates with a Jewish girl. All seems well and yet I can't shake the feeling her parents will hate me.


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  • Welp, If she knows your not jewish and still likes you there shouldn't be a problem. Yes your gonna want her parents to like you & if they arnt as ecceptable as her it may cause a riff. But if she's invested into you it will be her job to let her parents know how she feels about you & while she may value her parents concerns, she would have to stick by you until her family comes around. As long as your nice & good to her they will probly not have a big issue with it. After all, its 2013 America here...I know your feeling by the way, I'm Christian & my bfs family is from Plaestine. But I'm having faith that all will work out. Have faith! :)

  • Interfaith marriage in Judaism (also called mixed marriage or intermarriage) was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue amongst Jewish leaders today. In the Talmud, interfaith marriage is completely prohibited, although the definition of interfaith is not so simply expressed.

    Best wishes


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