I'm getting mixed signals from this guy I'm dating...help?

OK so I've been talking to this guy for about 3 weeks now and at first he was texting me every night consistently and we would talk till I went to bed so in these three weeks we have had 2 dates after the first date the text kept coming after the second he has texted me every night still but acts like he doesn't wanna talk like taking a long time to respond after I wb and keeping the conversation really short like wtf is this game? I feel like he doesn't wanna talk but why does he keep initiating conversation just to take 4ever to wb and not say much and I've also never texted him first I do not understand!

may I also add that on this 2nd date after we went out we went to his place and he tried to have sex with me and I didn't let him so would that have anything to do with it


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  • Maybe it's because you never initiated text?

    He's not playing any game, he thinks you're losing interest. Girl, you've been on two dates and you've known him for three weeks and you haven't text him first?

    I know if I'd been talking to a girl that long and she hasn't been the first to talk to me it would make me feel like I'm just there to entertain her.


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