Should I go on a date with him?

So basically I was super drunk at this party. I didn't know anyone at the party except for my cousin. At the party I was really flirty and did a bunch of stuff I would never do otherwise. So the next day I got a text from some guy I can't even remember. He said I was perfect and gorgeous and he wants to go on a date with me. I'm afraid that he won't like me when I'm sober. Also he kept saying how hot I was but I was wearing a really slutty outfit. I'm really scared to meet him. What do I say?


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  • Only meet him if you want to. If you do decide to meet him, meet him at a place where their is a lot of people. And if the date doesn't work you don't have to see him again or go out with him. Just look at it as a blind date since you don't remember. If you don't want to see him then think of a good excuse like your busy all week and maybe another time. Don't be scared to meet him. In yoru defense you was in a different state of mind and you had to like something about him because you gave him your right number. I don't think a guy would judge you from being drunk to sober. The choice is yours. Meet him only if you want to and feel comfortable.Good luck.


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