Why don't guys call when they say there going to!?

I can't tell you how many times guys will put in texts or something "il call you later", and then they don't call!...Guys, why do you do this!?


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  • There could be many reasons:

    -its just a line to make you feel good, even though we aren't interested

    -we don't call back because we are busy

    -we don't call back because we want to look busy, so you won't think we're sitting around like losers

    -we don't call back because we are stupid and forget

    -we don't call back because friends put it in our heads not to seem to jumpy

    -we don't call back because we lost your number(its happened before)

    -we don't call back because aren't interested

    Now, if you seemed to be getting along really well, they are probably just busy.

    • I met him yesterday, he asked for my number, a few hours later texted me(he didn't even wait), said "heyy here's my #, is it a date for us sunday?, il call you later"

    • Ah he's probably just busy. He wouldn't give you his number if he wasn't interested, that's just stupid. Have you tried calling him? I'd say call him tomorrow if you still haven't heard from him. And if you still don't get a response, he's probably a tosser anyway.

    • Sounds good =)


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  • I think it's just something casual they say, like with me and my friends, we'll say to each other I'll text you later but we never usually do lol.

  • My ex, who is now a very good friend, is exactly the same. Whenever we are talking, when one of us says we have to go, he always, always, always uses that line, and never does. I used to get annoyed by it, but now I don't. I think its just something casual he says, take it with a pinch of salt. Actions speak louder than words!

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