Is he stupid or something? I was there all the time, now what!!!!

i got a crush on a boy we were together at the same college he used to look at me even tried to talk to me,then he added me on fb we talked got a little closer , I want to know you and get a little closer he said.. asked me to go on a dinner date I said when the time is right but we were talking. suddenly he was ignoring me I sent him a message didn't answer , I called didn't reply and didn't even bother to call me back then a sent him another message told him if you got a new one in your life or if you don't wanna talk again just say, and it was like I didn't send him a thing he didn't answer. then our graduation party I saw him he was with another girl ( she has a daughter , divorced and 2 years older than him ) and she was a student in our college same year , people said they were dating , some said he just want her for sex, I was looking amazing my hair, my dress my make-up everything I noticed his friend was looking at me every time I pass by when he was around even his date was staring.. after 2 weeks from graduation I removed him from fb. then now he just sent me a message and said hey how are you and thanks for remove :D ! so I don't know what's going on...

P.S: I don't have a crush on him anymore but I was happy cause I felt like its karma

sorry for being long but what do you thin ? what should I do ?


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  • What should you do?

    There's really nothing for you to do. You don't have a relationship with this person.

    • Thank you :) I will ignore him for sure, I'm not even interested no more

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  • So he asked you on a date and you said "when the time is right"? When you essentially turned him down, he probably felt like you weren't interested and he should move along.

    It wasn't right of him to ignore you, but the passive-aggressive response of "Just say if you don't want to talk to me again" was probably also a bit of a put-off, if you didn't actually ask him what was up or give him a real chance to explain himself.

    His response about the removal was kind of jerky. To be honest it sounds a little immature on both sides. But all you can really do - especially since you've already said you're not interested anymore - is just stop caring and move on. If you don't care, then don't take the time to ask about it or think about it - just go on with life and find someone else.

    • no I cared about him I used to ask him if he's OK , I didn't want him to think that I'm an easy type and he can get me whenever he wants to. I already moved on long time ago , I don't even think about his name. I think he knew now that he lost me because he used to know an easy type girls so I didn't want him to think I'm like the rest and yup he is a JERK :) thankss