Two Questions! Dating and exchange student and text messages?

Firstly, I met this guy, we hit it off so well, best first date I've ever had...problem is he's on exchange and will have to go home in about a years time. Should I bother to get involved or just keep him as a good friend? He's one of the greatest guys I've met (and I've dated and met a lot of guys) but I don't know how I'd go when he has to go home. Ideas? (Also, we're both university students, so we're over 18, we aren't in high school haha)

Secondly, guy in question doesn't respond to my texts! He calls me. Quite a bit, even for things like confirming we're still on when it would probably be easier to text. When he does respond its hours later, but its lengthy, friendly and generally finished with kisses. So...should I be upset about this or just assume he isn't really into texting?Also, kisses at the end of messages common for British boys or is it reserved for certain people?


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  • Chanes are, of course, you will never see him again afer this year, so thik it over before getting involved. And make sure you're not just going for the British accent. I know a guy who pracices in front of a mirror to get his British accent down (he's hot British) because he says the girls can't resist him snce he started practicing a British accent, but never paid him much attention before.

    No, it's not commmon for British guys to finish with kisses. Sounds pretty chutesy and artificial to me, frankly. Usually the're more stiff upper lip, and all that rot, eh, what.

    • Aw, no , I liked him for more than the accent (although I admit its a plus). I think I'lll just see where we go. Thanks for your help.

      As a side note, never take dating advice from that friend of yours. Making up an accent is a terrible idea. He's going to get caught out soon...

    • So where has it gone?

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