Is he just being playful?

I Text a guy that I was thinking about him and he text me back asking in what sort of way...naughty or did I want to know what his favorite color was. I was surprised to say the least since I didn't think he liked me. If he didn't like me, he wouldn't say that, right? I always thought guys would steer clear of it, not even to joke.


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  • A lot of guys are going to take every opportunity to go "naughty" if they can. So unfortunately that is not the best way to know if he is interested in you. However if I was guessing (and I am ;-) ) I would guess that he must be a little interested in you...

    • I'm very bashful and shy. How dhpuld I have answered that. I tried to joke back but he never continued after that. He's kind of bashful and shy too...

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    • i don't think he was being mean... I think he was being flirty, and you were too. Don't over think it!

    • Ok its just that we are always like this! I have no idea what I'm doing so its difficult not to overthink!

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