I'm crazy about my best friend! what can I do?

He and I have been really great friends for a while. We've been in this weird state where we like each other but can't date for too long. He's been telling me for a while that he really likes me and thinks I'm pretty and even tells me dirty things. I always think it'll turn into dating but then it doesn't. He always has a reason not to but he swears he wants me, he just can't do it. I've asked him not to flirt with me or say anything dirty so that we can remain friends and I can get over my crush.

He's been good about that but he heard I went out on a date and got jealous and that's when it stopped. Be said he was happy for me and he wants me to have fun but said he's jealous and wishes the guy has a Small Weiner. He also said something dirty about how he wants to bend me over but that he can't because I'm taken now and he thought it was funny.

I got pissed and called him a name and we haven't spoken since. I feel like he doesn't like me enough and just won't say it and that he wants me to keep being into him because it makes him feel validated or something. I don't want to cut him out of my life but its looking like I might have to. Help!


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  • find a lover so you don't mess up

    you may have to move

    not really

    just protect yourself


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