Guys: Why has he not texted me for almost two days now?

So I have been seeing this guy we were crazy into each other its been a week. Sat night he texted me late and asked if I wanted to come over, I was asleep so I didn't answer. My friend told me not to text him and wait for him to text me to show he is interested in me. Well he never texted me yesterday and has failed to text me today. What should I do ? Should I text him or keep waiting? is he not interested anymore? what does this mean?

update: Monday he told me he just wanted to be friends, and he said he didn't know why it was just a gut feeling... anywho I am doing great just one step closer to finding my true man one day as for now I will focus on me and graduating from college thanks everyone who answered


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  • He probably have some things come across his mind about you. But he just doesn't want to make the relationship complicated.

    So good luck with college.


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