I met a girl but I am relocating, What to do?

So I've started talking to this girl who I was introduced to through friends of friends. We currently haven't met as she live about 45mins away but we've been talking online through lengthy conversations and during our last convo. she gave me her number and said call or text if I want. The issue is that my company is relocating to a city that is about 2 hrs away in about 3 months. I've not wanted to say anything as I originally figured our communication wouldn't amount to much but now that she gave me her number I feel like the stakes are being raised a bit. I also have a rule that I made after a bad break up in college that I'd never date someone more than an hour away which makes me hesitant. So my question is should I wait till we meet and actually see if we click in person or should I tell her now while neither of us have much invested in whatever this is and then see where it goes?


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  • gimme a break, dude.

    you're gonna be 2h away and you think you can pull this thing off? not even a superman could do this.

    more than half an hour is a nightmare.

    i suggest to forget about this broad and find someone who's close enough. don't get caught up in this long distance mess. don't be desperate. you obviously experienced this nightmare while being in college and now things will be somehow different? don't kid yourself.