Proper etiquette when waiting for a email/text from teacher?

So I'm supposed to go to a extra class sometime within the next 2 days in preparation for a exam on Thursday. A teacher offered to help me prepare and told me that she'll let me know when to come in today as she has to go somewhere to sort her tax out (TMI) . It's already the afternoon here and she still hasn't texted me. Now am I supposed to send her a text and ask if we still have a appointment or what? I feel like that may be a bit rude considering as this feels like I'm calling her out on not doing something. She's doing this for free as well so it's not like I paid her. I also highly doubt that she would have forgotten about it as I'm a regular student at her and she knows that we're writing that exam on Thursday. Please help!


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  • Young lady, please send her a polite text reminding her but ensure to mention that 'you realize she's tied down with work but you need to know since you are waiting' and thank her :) BUT YES get a confirmation, it's not rude.


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