Is he over her?

im with this guy.. I've been dating him for three months and I truly believe I love him. but he started dating me after ending it with this girl that he was with for over a year... he tells me I'm the only one for him and she is nothing to him. but I'm confused.. is it possible that he can get over her completely in 3 months after being with her for soo long and her having such a big part of his life? they broke up because he stopped loving her cause she cheated on him twice... and because he fell in love with me..( so he says)

What do you think?


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  • Well, it is possibly for him to get over her in three months. Especially since she did such a horrible thing.

    Now, even if he still isn't over her, he may not know it himself. If he doesn't talk to her anymore and she doesn't try talking to him, he will most likely get over her.

    I'm not saying that your love for him isn't real but love and infatuation are commonly confused so he may have just been infatuated with her and now he loves you. =]

    Right now, all you should do is try not to stress it, because things always work out for the best whether it seems that way or not. It always works out in the end.


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  • has he done anything or given you a reason to believe he isn't over her? because I know how it feels to have someone you really like or love think something of you that is completly untrue and like she said you can possibly be a rebound but don't think too negativly untill you finally know the truth

  • ok well me and my ex were dating for 17months then we broke up and a month after we break up he starts dating this other girl then not even a month into his relationship he asks me to hang with him and he starts makingout with me and we have sex he totally cheated on her I don't know in your situation I'm not sure if he can be over her if they spent that much time together. he could just be using you as a rebound and he could be using you to get over her.

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