What did I do wrong?

So I gave this guy my number 3 days ago and we've been texting non-stop, we're like flirting and such you know that kind of crap.

Suddenly last night he asked me what my last name was, I told him. Then asked him what's his. It took him forever to reply and when he did he kinda didn't give it to me right away. Anyway so then I texted him back and I just went to bed Because he didn't text right away. In the morning, I saw that he did text me saying "He was sorry for taking so long to respond" I answered that text then he kind of just sent me something that kinda sounded like "I don't want to text you anymore"

What did I do wrong? He sounded pretty interested, then all of a sudden he's not. He usually answers with paragraphs. Also the last name he gave me sounded fishy too me.

Any thoughts?

So apperantly he made a frien add me on Facebook. Probably to check out my photos and god knows what.

He denies it but he accidentally told me he gave me a fake last name.

God help high school kids.


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  • He wanted your last name so he could look you up on Facebook or something similar. Then he figured out he was no longer interested. That's my guess.

    • That's what I thought last night too. But I'm confused because the only thing he has access to is my profile pic and I'm assuming that's what he disliked. The thing is he has seen me once in real life so... I don't know.

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    • These are one of the times I hate being right, haha! That guy was no good. Don't worry about it.

    • Haha. Yeah I soon as I realized what was going on I was like, damn that person on GAG was right!

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  • I'm guessing he found you on Facebook and didn't like something he saw there.

    • See that's what I thought too. The only thing that he could see on my Facebook is my profile pic, I guess he didn't like that.

      Considering he had seen me once in real life.

  • He probably wasn't wanting more than naked pics from what I'm guessing. I'm still trying to figure out why a girl I took out texted me tons before and after the date, but when we went to work the next Monday, she quit talking to me. I doubt that it's anything you did wrong, but him.

    • Our conversation was never sexual though.

      He kept telling me how good looking I was the night he saw me. Then just stopped.

      I just don't understand why people would stop talking to you all of a sudden, it doesn't make sense.

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    • I doubt there's gonna be anything new.

      I just thought it was really weird. He said he was sorry for taking so long to text back, then he doesn't wanna text at all... Ugh! Whatever.

    • Yup, he's stupid.

  • Another possibility is that he is in a relationship and he was scared of giving you his last name for that reason. He knew you would find him out. (Something he should have thought of before asking you for your last name.)

    • I'm considering that fact too. I've never really asked him if he was seeing someone, I was just assuming he wasn't since he kept on texting me.

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