He still doesn't want us to be a couple?

He's really nice and we have a lot in common, and he has feelings for me but because he had bad experience in past relationships he thinks it's better to call this what we have a 'friendly" hang out, than dating..He says he's not comfrotable to talk about "us", but wanted to talk about sex (but when he said that he triped and fell, we laughed and moved away from the subject). I haven't told him that I'mm a virgin (and because of his attitude about us, I don't know how will he react). He says he likes spending time with me, and that he adores me, but as the time passes by, it's getting harder for me to believe him.Not to mention that a month after we started dating he showed me the picture of his ex (with whom he broke of 2yeras ago) and deleted it quickly, convicing me that he hasn't feelings for her...I like him and I know that he likes me, but I don't know what to do..

we're both 22


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  • you sound young and he sounds older?


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