Would a guy purposely take a while to text back?

I know that my boyfriend is free, he sees my texts because I see that he's on Facebook on his phone, but then doesn't reply for a few hours. Do you think it's because he wants me to think he's busy or is it because he really doesn't feel like talking to me? I feel like a lot of people wait when they get texts because they want to keep the other person waiting.


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  • Because people are expected to play these silly dating games. Don't reply too quick, or you're clingy and desperate, don't ask her out so soon, or you're desperate. It seems now that if you make one misstep, you're dumped without explanation.


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  • Maybe he would rather talk on the phone.

    • He only texts, no phone calls :\

    • Facebook now tells you that someone is on his phone? Weird.

      Why don't you call each other? Texting is equivalent to keeping someone at arm's length.

    • well he doesn't have a computer so I know when he's looking at his phone if he's on Facebook since he only uses it on his phone