What's up with my boyfriend?

I had plans to hang out with my boyfriend on Friday, and I called & texted him but heard nothing back. Then, the next morning I woke up and he left me a message on Facebook saying that he got super sick after we went out to eat on Thursday and lost his phone sometime in the afternoon and he would call me when he found it. Then, like 1.5 hours later I got another message from him saying that he found his phone and that he would call me when he it was charged. Then, like 20 minutes later he sent me a text telling me that he found his phone. Then, another 20 minutes he called me to tell me that he found his phone. Do you think he really lost his phone or was he lying to me?


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  • Hes full of sh*t dnt be another stupid girl falling for men and there stupid ways of maken women look dumb... if he wantd you he'd be there and that's one excuse after another... he's pathetic and makn me sick to play with your heart... I've been playd many times... I upd my game and looks and kno all there sneaky tricks


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  • His phone most likely had a bug and you got twice the same message...that often happens.

  • if he is playing you he is really stupid..

    i doubt he is