'Hang out' vs. 'date' - does the label really matter?

If a guy you know, but not well and have never hung out one-on-one or at all, asks you to hang out, what do you think? Do you think of it as a date or just two friends hanging out? Must a guy specify that it's a date when asking you or do you automatically assume it is one? Do you prefer one label over the other?

I like saying hang out over date since hang out seems more casual and laid-back while date is a more formalized term and I feel under pressure when I label something as such. Of course there's ambiguity in the interpretation of hang out while there's no misconstruing date, which is why I ask.


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  • it doesn't really matter, but I like the "hang out" thing more than "date" because dates make me think of fancy restaraunts and crap and I hate that. lol

    • That's what I'm thinking too. I couldn't do fancy restaurants since it's not my style and if that's what she's expecting than I'd hate to disappoint her when I take her some place else.

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  • I don't think it really matters how you word it.. The only thing that's important (to me) is that its clear what kind of "hang out" this will be, you know. Like a girl could think that he just wants a friend to hang out with if intentions aren't clearly shown. But I think for the most part people know when there's something more even if its just for them and no matter how you word it they'll enjoy spending time together.

  • Honestly there have been several times where guys have asked me to hang out and I found out later they meant a date. I always feel really bad afterward for misunderstanding. I understand that using the word date may come out a little more awkward but I think I prefer it. It's to confusing for me when I have guys asking me to hang out because they actually just want to hang out and then having guys say the exact same thing when they mean a date.

  • Either way you are making a date to see them. You make dates with my mom and teachers to talk about essays. Title does not determine intention. Whoever can't handle the teem date really needs to grow up. You could say hangout and make a candle lit dinner or you could say date and just meet at a coffee shop.

    To me it really doesn't matter what it is titled as the important part is getting to know the person by spending time with them


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